Day 12: #100DaysOfCode

Day 12 after 3 days off. Working on Advanced algorithms @FreeCodeCamp, frustration is not the best word to describe how annoying these are.


Day 11: #100DaysOfCode

Day 11 has been challenging, Working through the intermediate algorithms has made my head spin today. It’s hard not to just Google the answers and move on. I write algorithms all the time but these just seem to be pushing me.

Day 10: #100DaysOfCode

Day 10 was much more productive than the last 2 days have been. Finished the Twitch API app for Free Code Camp. Still struggling to find the desire to put time into the CSS. It’s not that I can’t do it, I just feel like my time is better spent moving onto other projects. I’m moving onto advanced algorithms and I hope that those will be as challenging as the last bacth.

Day 9: #100DaysOfCode

Today was pretty much a wash as far as getting anything productive done. It was my 15th Wedding Anniversary today so I wasn’t able to any coding after work however I did get in several hours of coding (non-work code) while at work. I also had a chance to read up on the TwitchAPI for my next Free Code Camp project.

Day 8: #100DaysOfCode

Day 8 finally helped me find my way through the Wikipedia API. Once I broke the small barrier everything else seemed to just flow. The page like all my others still needs me to be “prettied” up with some better CSS and HTML layouts but I have trouble caring about the looks of these Free Code Camp projects as long as they meet the requirements. I will dig back into them at a later point and clean them up but I can live with them for now.

Day 9 will allow me to dig into the twitch API which I am looking forward to as an avid Twitch viewer.

Day 7: #100DaysOfCode

Day 7 has been a wash. Working with the Wikipedia API has me rather agitated. I know I am missing something simple. So I am deleting all the JavaScript and starting over from scratch. Days like today make me want to move over to something else to work on.

Day 6: #100DaysOfCode

Day 6 was really hard to get rolling on. I struggled to find my motivation and then spent close to 3 hours working on 10 lines of JavaScript. Working with an API was nice as it’s something I want to find more time to work on. Finishing the weather application was a great accomplishment though. CodePen is proving to be a really neat tool.

Day 5: #100DaysOfCode

Today was spent on the first challenge for Free Code Camps jQuery/Ajax projects. The first was a Random Quote Generator that would tweet to your twitter account. Pretty fun challenge and another project to add to my portfolio. Like the others I will go back and do some clean up work on them at a later date.

Day 4: #100DaysOfCode

Day 4 was actually difficult. I struggled with some of the algorithms on Free Code Camp. I complicated a few of them and had to do some digging to get me moving in the right direction. I will admin there were 2 of them that I used the hint answer for, but only because it was the route I was taking and was so close to the actual solution. Getting ready to start some jQuery and AJAX stuff now.

Side note, the algorithms on FCC made me realize that I need to spend some time actually reading up on and studying algorithms. My 8 years as a desktop developer hasn’t really taught me what I want to know about them.

Until Day 5!

Day 3: #100DaysofCode

Day three has been all over the place. My morning began with a little bit of javascript on Free Code Camp. However work was not to be denied today so I spent a good 4 hours working on a SQL stored procedure for a client. Finally around lunch time I was able to dig back into FCC and I find myself blazing through the javascript section at the moment. I started FCC because I wanted to brush up on some skills I thought I needed to work on but so far I’ve blow through it. Plan to keep going with it for the certificate at the end and the sense of completion but I do hope the challenge picks up soon.

On a side note my wife, who has never touched a piece of code in her life, decided to start picking up front end skills and has also began FCC. So far she seems intrigued about the possibilities but in watching her work through FCC I realize there are some assumptions made by the site that I just knew that she has struggled with. Hope she keeps going.